Mammoth Mutt

Mammoth Mutt is a pink chihuahua puppy. She can use body inflation to form a large ball that could make her be massive and to deflect objects off her body, roll, and bounce.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alien Physiology: Mammoth Mutt is an alien dog from a another planet who possess abilities that involves inflating her body.

  • Inflation & Spherical Form: Mammoth Mutt can force her body to inflate into a large ball that deflects projectiles, allows her to roll at fast speeds and bounce to great heights.
    • Limb Expansion: Mammoth Mutt can also focus her limbs to expand for more strength.
    • Deflection: While rolling around as a ball, she can deflect incoming projectiles.
    • Enhanced Strength: While rolling around as a ball, she can slam into large objects and crush them.
    • Enhanced Durability: While rolling around as a ball, she can withstand powerful blows.
    • Super Leap: While rolling around as a ball, she can bounce to great heights with little effort.


  • Low Defenses: If someone is enough strong to lift her up in her ball form, Mammoth Mutt seems to be helpless.
  • Ticklishness: If someone manages to tickle her while crushed, she will laugh uncontrollably and will get exhausted.
  • Durability: Although her durability is enhanced when she is inflated, she is not completely bullet-proof. As seen in the Superboy comic book, Issue 131, a missile can punch a hole right through her. If not, she can/will be deflected off of it due to her low density when she is inflated.